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Horizontal cartridge is Keyhole shaped with continuous stamp / Promaler manufacturer box
Horizontal cartridge is Keyhole shaped with continuous stamp / Promaler manufacturer box
Machine code: 858-250
Brand: Promaler
Is Keyhole shaped used continuous horizontal box/cartridge.
Model: FHC 03.
Brand Name: Promaler.
Year: 2012.
Coleiro brand Valcomelton
Model coleiro: EC4-Hot Melt Systms By Valcomelton
140 mm belt width by length 2,200.
Measurement of 5...
Encartuchadeira Promaler with coleiro Meltron
Encartuchadeira Promaler with coleiro Meltron
Machine code: 464-376
Brand: Atos, Melton, Promaler
Floor/Encartuchadeira Promaler.

Model: EVI.
in: 2007.

Working pressure 6 BAR-220 V voltage

60 mm Format with clp actions.

Coleiro Meltron brand model Spain 4 kg.

Approximate capacity up to 75 packages per minute.

Celofanadeira Intermittent Rotary Machine
Celofanadeira Intermittent Rotary Machine
Machine code: 805-067
Brand: Promaler
-Flashing Rotary Blind Machine

-March: Promaler

-Prepared to operate fully enclosed cartridges.

-Application of wire with the following dimensions: 36 mm wide x 15 mm deep x 67 mm high.

-Productive capacity: 60 packages per minute.

Encartuchadeira Promaler
Encartuchadeira Promaler
Machine code: 767-270
Brand: Promaler
Model: EVI-04.
Year: 2009.
Brand Name: Promaler.
Machine with Melton paperhanger and device to insert package leaflet.
Are in full operation.
Measures: 60 mm x 25 mm.
the height of the box that works is 130 mm to 190 mm...

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