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Veneto, Waig,
Set of machines for the production of fiber and minerals
Set of machines for the production of fiber and minerals

Machine code: 800-802

Brand: Veneto, Waig

Components: WEG

Set of machines for the production of fiber and minerals.
cellulose fibers (white and grey).
Glass fibers.
Fibers of metals (brass, copper and steel).
Basalt wool.

Ball mill still
Visualizar Vídeo Ball mill still

Machine code: 271-203

Ball mill keep.
60100 Capacity litres.
2640 mm. Diameter
11000 mm entire length.
30 drum rotation rpm.
drive by electric motor HP.
hydraulic Coupling reduction gear complete, pulleys and v-belts.
k12k * Appropriate * support lining ...
Zirconium ball mill is a Italian equipment of 150 litres
Zirconium ball mill is a Italian equipment of 150 litres

Machine code: 386-707

Zirconium ball mill is a Italian equipment of 150 litres.
external structure completely in stainless steel AISI 304.
ED Model 150.
-direct drive engine.
parts in contact with the product in special steel k12k *-* in high density alumina Coati...
Ball mill
Ball mill

Machine code: 763-685

Ball mill.
approximate dimensions 0.80 x 0.90.
Owning transmission with pulleys and belt, 5 HP engine, axle, bearings, two covers, one for grinding and one for unloading of the material, and steel balls manganez.
was in use until then was used ...
Ball mill Bicônico Hardinger 96 model
Ball mill Bicônico Hardinger 96 model

Machine code: 220-242

Ball mill Bicônico 96 model Hardinger
reducer and 150 HP engine more engrache pump
milling capacity depends on the hardness of the material, e.g. limestone 7 tons time.
Ball mill
Ball mill

Machine code: 255-176

Ball mill
internal Measure 3.5 m diameter x 6 mt length
external Measure 3.5 mt x 7.5 mt.
Two access doors;
Two inspection ports;
complete and reinforced Bearings

lateral reinforcements approximate weight of 21 ton
steel smooth inter...
Hammer mill without motor
Hammer mill without motor

Machine code: 683-604

Hammer mill without motor...
Ball mill
Ball mill

Machine code: 768-004

Ball mill

Ball mill HR
Ball mill HR

Machine code: 411-163

Ball mill HR without using complete with Crown and pinion without motor and reducer...
Ball mill
Ball mill

Machine code: 536-318

Ball mill  ...
Full ball mill
Full ball mill

Machine code: 746-308

Ball mill complete.
Disassembled Ø x 5000 mm 17550.
300 HP Engine....
Hair dryer/Mixer/feeder
Hair dryer/Mixer/feeder

Machine code: 711-200

9 m dryer with drying capacity of 8 tons of sand time.
MENEGOTTI 400litros Mixer.
semi automatic production of Feeder 480 kg per hour. ...

Machine code: 272-424

SPEED type mill MILL is to paint, I use to paint, can be used for juice, chocolate etc, is a mill with a rock carborundun, male and female, 3600 rpm. 20 Hp.

Deposits of Rock
Deposits of Rock

Machine code: 817-605

Deposits of Rock
12 deposits of rare rocks/rochas uniforms/exotic rocks
All with silicate classification.
Sell the business itself, including blocks already extracted
production for more than 300 years, the level of 10,000 m3 per year each ar...
Chocolate manufacturing industry
Chocolate manufacturing industry

Machine code: 802-361

Line set of equipment with mixing and grinding system with silo to 30 tonnes, with electronic control, cental mixer for 2 tons, mill and packaging machines with capaciadde for 30/40 ton per shift
Ideal for rations, chocolate or empó mixtures....

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