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Asset Management and Valuation Program (AMVP)

This is an innovative service that uses our infrastructure to manage the main industrial assets of your company, aiming at equity valuation and cost reduction.

The service consists of the following actions:

Physical asset survey

The first stage of the service is to evaluate the main discontinued industrial assets, verify their conditions, values and potential sales.

Allocation of equity

With the correct status of the equipment it is possible to decide which asset should be recycled or destined for the recovery program.

Unoccupied stock of machines

All assets will receive the correct destination, so that your company saves space and can use them for activities that generate more value and / or reduce expenses such as rentals and personnel.

Transportation of equipment

The equipment destined for sale will be loaded and transported correctly to the Camargo Industrial stock. For this it is necessary to evaluate the conditions of the equipment and the form of the industrial disassembly seeking the preservation of the integrity.

Cleaning and second evaluation

Received machines are under-hygienised and receive a more thorough evaluation, checking the constitution of the components, the need for repairs and other items that impact the valuation of the assets.

Consignment Machines

The equipment destined for the recovery program is stored in our inventories under our guard, so that they are presented to future interested parties.

Legal security

We assume responsibility for the patrimonial guard. All service is governed by standard or customized contracts, meeting the specific needs and requests of your company.

Offline structure

Count on our specialized sales team, who seek to make sales possible and solve issues such as equipment maintenance, financing and start up.

Therefore, our objective is to carry out comprehensive negotiations, for example, consigned equipment can enter the constitution of industrial lines assembled with machines from our stock, sharing benefits such as customer financing and accessory.

Another fundamental issue is the purchase of machines, many customers when buying a higher productivity equipment offer as part of payment their old, and as traders, we buy these machines to enable the sale of others, this type of trading is only for machines that In the recovery program.

Online structure

All infrastructure of the company is used to value its assets, the intention is to obtain the shortening of the economic chain reaching the final consumer of the equipment, bringing the profit of the intermediaries, resellers and merchants buyers of the private auction, to your company and valuing the asset.

To achieve this goal, our technical team makes data mining to search our industrial database for buyers of all types of equipment, crossing data such as the industry sector, size, process and product. In addition to this system, our sales team also seeks such information in the business chain.

Custom service

Another work of the technical team is the customization of the content, using technological tools such as the individual study of each equipment for maximum efficiency in S.E.O (Search Engine Optimization).

In addition, as we are exporters of machines, another customized service is the study and translation in technical terms suitable for other languages, as well as English and Spanish, for the purpose of publishing on our foreign websites and exporting the equipment of your company , Potentializing the possibilities of sale.

With all the work done and the information organized, our sales team will contact potential interested parties using traditional and technological tools to contact entrepreneurs, directors, partners, technicians, designers and investors.

Valuation of assets

With the right information and presentation assets, our team of industrial sellers will represent the equipment on the market, using traditional tools and e-business in order to find the best domestic and foreign buyers.

The Asset Management and Valuation Program is a powerful tool that, in addition to reducing direct and indirect expenses, does not add cost to your company because it shares value generation, therefore, only something is charged for the entire service if we succeed in negotiation.


After all the steps, the interested parties are interested in the equipment and the buyers will be evaluated as to the real interest, provenance and financial capacity, if necessary.

Our team will advise on negotiation, always seeking a fair market value for our clients, advising them and providing solutions (financing, maintenance technicians, among others).

Valuation and maximum recovery of the asset

This is an optional service job that proposes deeper changes in asset management.

The service involves working on the sale of equipment before it is discontinued to preserve its integrity and functioning to the maximum extent possible.

With an estimate for the future date of equipment shutdown we begin to advertise and search for buyers without identifying the company, so that it is possible to generate demand before acquisition before disassembly.

Therefore, the objective is to close the business on a date close to the date of stop, so that your company will have reduced costs of disassembly, storage and logistics, and with this exclusive service is possible to obtain the maximum recovery of the investment.

Respect and response to requests

Our team will be available to your company to meet specific requests, as our intention is to provide a new form of specialized management, respecting your company's strategy.

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