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Boiler for steam generation hot water Mernak
Boiler for steam generation hot water Mernak  [unavailable

Machine code: 755-428

Brand: Mernak

Boiler for steam generation hot water.

Brand: Mernak.

Model: HDR 1400.

Type: FLamotubular.

Year: 1979.

Thermal capacity: 8,000,000 Kcal / hour.

M.T.A.: 14.0 Kgf / cm2.

TESTING POINT: 21.0 Kgf / cm².

Industrial hot water generator Mernak
Industrial hot water generator Mernak

Machine code: 564-343

Brand: Mernak

Industrial hot water generator.

Brand: Mernak.

Model: HDR 1400.

Capacity: 8,000,000 Kcal / h.

Type: Flamotubular.

Year: 1979.

M.W.T.A: 14 kg / cm² P.

Test: 21 Kgf / cm²

Category: B Trading Area: 191 m²

Voltage: 440 V

MernaK Boiler.
MernaK Boiler.  [unavailable

Machine code: 018-574

Brand: Mernak

Mark: MernaK s. a.
AVS. m ²
PMTA 20-8 kg/fcm ²
CPV 320 kg/h
1982-furnace changed to metro
wood-Mirror top with weld
-condemned by the SC Engineering (have descriptive report of repairs)


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