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AEG, Atlas Copco, Deutz, Domel, H. Bremer, Heatmaster, Kohler, Lincoln, Nagano, Negrini, Retam, Stemac, Weco,
Steam generator
Steam generator

Machine code: 331-343

Steam generator JG EG-16.
heat Production-193,194 Kcal/h.
Evaporation with water at 115° C-216 kg steam per hour.
steam operation pressure 150 PSI-65a.
fuel consumption.
diesel-18.50 l/h.
LPG Gas-14.00 kg/h
natural Gas-17 m ³/h.
D. C welding generator description
D. C welding generator description

Machine code: 811-832

DC welding generator description

Petrol generator 4 stroke
Petrol generator 4 stroke

Machine code: 833-845

Petrol generator 4 stroke....
Generator for 500 kva Stemac
Generator for 500 kva Stemac

Machine code: 683-211

Brand: Stemac

Electric generator.

Brand Name: Stemac.

For 500 kva.

Engine: Scania DO 1372 A.

Model: WEG QTA.

Power: 550/500 kva.

Rotation: 1800 rpm.

Voltage: 220v / 360v / 440v.

Weight: 2.701 kg.

Year: 2012.
Industrial line for production of long pasta noodle spaghetti
Industrial line for production of long pasta noodle spaghetti

Machine code: 211-625

Brand: Ata, Braibanti, Pavan Group

Line composed by:

trademark boiler Ata, with production of 650 kg/h steam with heating surface to 20 m ³, 120 psig working pressure, test pressure 240 psig. GMP equipment fuel with electric control board.

Pneumatic flour with a capacity of 20...
Horizontal steam generator / boiler to firewood / wood
Horizontal steam generator / boiler to firewood / wood

Machine code: 168-570

Brand: Weco

Horizontal steam generator to firewood/wood (boiler).
Brand Name: Weco.
Year: 1977.
Model: GHC-168.
Capacity: 3200 kg/h of steam
working pressure: 8 Kgf/cm ³.
Refractory Brick furnace.

Complete with:
-electric command Frame.
04 diesel generators GM engine of 1,250
04 diesel generators GM engine of 1,250

Machine code: 465-486

Brand: Negrini, Retam

diesel engine Generators 04 GM of 1,250 kva 1,800 rpm.
Year: 1983.
Voltage: 380 Volts.
Engine: Negrini....
Generator/Inflator for dragées
Generator/Inflator for dragées

Machine code: 005-007

Generator/Inflator for dragées....
Lincoln Boiler
Lincoln Boiler

Machine code: 135-536

Brand: Lincoln

type-dual path * k12k Firetube * model-HR-30 (Horizontal)
year of manufacture-2008
Supf Area. Heating-S 150 m ²
steam production-p. V 3000 Kg/h
working pressure-P.M.T. P 10 kgf/cm ²
proof pressure-P.P. H 15 kgf/cm ² ...
Turbo turbine generator set 110 kva 25000 kca boiler/gas time
Turbo turbine generator set 110 kva 25000 kca boiler/gas time

Machine code: 176-108

Brand: AEG

Automatic and manufactured flat consisting of:
-chilled and 37° sloping Grille.
-d ´ Pump water.
-emergency Gun.
-dump valves and steam output.
-Thermometers and pressure gauges.
-Hood of circulation and flow regulator.
Capacity of 1,00...
Heatmaster Watertube Boiler
Heatmaster Watertube Boiler

Machine code: 563-575

Brand: Heatmaster

Heatmaster Watertube boiler Tag-1004, mixed with 3 passes, 6,900,000 kcal/h, heating surface total of 596 m ² with 32 m ³ furnace tubes volume 2 1/2 "with hull in ASTM 285-C wall thickness 7/8"/ASTM 178 tubes 483 the 3.5 mm wall/with GN capacity of 1...
Atlas Copco Generator Transformer
Atlas Copco Generator Transformer

Machine code: 426-484

Brand: Atlas Copco

Components: WEG

Atlas Copco generator 220 V Transformer Transformer 440 V
GTA 315SI25 Model 500 KVA to 300 KVA oil the oil
Tag 220/440 V
971/485.5 k12k * Weg * Machine
1,017,340,901 * k12k number Generator * Variant 57A 45S k12k **

Scania ...
500 kwa generator group
500 kwa generator group

Machine code: 218-372

Generator 500 kwa
Scania Engine, equipped with programmable ramp.
With less than 600 hours of use
Year * 2011 * k12k/generator for network switching Has ramp and is programmable....
LPG gas boilers Domel
LPG gas boilers Domel

Machine code: 706-275

Brand: Domel

2-LPG gas boilers, one of 155 Kg and the other with 233 Kg
-155 Kg/233 Kg

4 stroke generator
4 stroke generator

Machine code: 043-483

Brand: Nagano

k12k * three-phase Phase: *

nominal power: 5.5 Kva
Maximum * Power * k12k 6 Kva
output voltage:
110v/220v single-phase three-phase
voltage regulator:

AVR frequency:
60 Hz
rated current:
(110v) 43.3/21 A (220v)

Machine code: 424-304

Brand: Kohler

Generator Kohler brand of 1563 Kva with 1000 hours of use and first review, with purchase invoice and technical manual, complete.  ...
710 Kva generators Deutz/1520 kva Perkins
710 Kva generators Deutz/1520 kva Perkins

Machine code: 013-273

Brand: Deutz

710 Kva generators Deutz/1520 kva Perkins
710 Kva is the late 70-Was used in Standbay, the machine and zero. Working in the game.
1250 kva this with open engine and year 1998, has injected the digital command generator.
both sell machines in th...
Steam Generator H Bremer
Steam Generator H Bremer

Machine code: 445-814

Brand: H. Bremer

Steam Generator h Bremer

742 steam Generator Pressure proof 225Capacidade heat capacity 9.6000 .000 15,600 production


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