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Biomax, Mecanoplast, Moreto,
Pyrolysis plant for 5 tons
Pyrolysis plant for 5 tons

Machine code: 084-617

Pyrolisis plant

Cycle capacity: 5 tons.

Cycle duration: 4 hours.

Usina worked only two years.

The plant works with pressure to degrade materials and promote their recycling, for example, tires and plastics become oil, liquid petroleum and...
Industrial Ribbon Blender stainless steel jacketed Banerjee to 300 liters
Industrial Ribbon Blender stainless steel jacketed Banerjee to 300 liters

Machine code: 635-755

Brand: Mecanoplast

Stainless steel helical mixer, Ribbon type Banerjee.

Brand name: Mecanoplast

Jacketed to 300 litres capacity heating.

Good condition.

Can follow the tank temperature control, resistance, circulation pump, isolation and other equipment...
Molding machine and cold box sand recovery
Molding machine and cold box sand recovery

Machine code: 200-611

Molding machines cold box sand and sand recovery.
Molding machines has a production capacity of 60 moulds per hour.
Have recovery machines recoverability of 1 ton per hour.
Produces any mold in cold box....
PET recycling line
PET recycling line

Machine code: 707-710

Brand: Moreto

Line for recycling.
Separate PET material, consisting of:
-TSK 6:00 pm separation tank carbon steel and stainless steel 6:00 pm TSIK.
Have application in separation of contaminants and different types of materials based on the difference of den...
Full line of recycled wire and copper cables
Full line of recycled wire and copper cables

Machine code: 046-037

Full line of recycled wire and copper cables (dry)
primotecnica ptr 300 Mill (blurs)
(despite not being painted, is a great and very strong mill. Its maintenance is very good. Knife game reserve)
stainless steel Mat (mat semi new. Stainless ...
Biomax Briquetadeira 95 / 210
Biomax Briquetadeira 95 / 210

Machine code: 877-038

Brand: Biomax

Equipment with 800 hours of use (semi new).
Press for biomass.
Transforms all kinds of vegetable waste such as sawdust, wood chips and wood chip in ecological firewood.
Produces, for 8-hour shift, 14 to 16 tonnes of firewood. ...

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