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Fabbe, Flex, Glatt, JG Jackson, Manesty, Miotto, Moditec, Rotoline, Sagec, Stokes, Tritumaq,

Crusher mill Tritumaq
Crusher mill Tritumaq

Machine code: 072-532

Brand: Tritumaq

Mill granulator crusher.

Brand name: Tritumaq.

Year: 2011.


Weg engine.

Model: W22 Plus.

With 3 CV....
Oscillating Granulator Manesty
Oscillating Granulator Manesty

Machine code: 257-160

Brand: Manesty

Oscillating Granulator.

Brand: Manesty....
High shear granulation Glatt VG 400
High shear granulation Glatt VG 400

Machine code: 147-760

Brand: Glatt

High shear granulation.

Brand Name: Glatt.

Model: VG 400.

Literature: 408 L.

Capacity: 3.000 L / H.

Internal: 316 stainless steel.

External: 304 stainless steel.

Components: platform, discharge column and mill.

Equipment was o...
Granulator and cooler for PVC
Granulator and cooler for PVC

Machine code: 728-748

Granulator and cooler for pvc.

Capacity: 800 kg / h up to 1200 kg / h, varies according to operating and product conditions.

To mix and homogenize the inputs, by heating (110 °) and cooling (45 °).

Production cycles vary according to the des...
Micronizer mill 450 kg h Rotoline
Micronizer mill 450 kg h Rotoline

Machine code: 657-512

Brand: Rotoline

Micronizer mill, cyclone and weight sieves.

Brand name: Rotoline.

Model: MOD 100.

Year 2013.

Maximum capacity in ideal operating conditions: 450 kg / h.

I reached this capacity in mild temperature and virgin material.

For working wi...
Plastic grinding mill
Plastic grinding mill

Machine code: 112-475

Mill for recycling plastics.

Approximate capacity: 400 kg / h.

With 40 hp engine.

Sheet mill.

Length of the blades: 600 mm....
Rotary powder granulator JG Jackson
Rotary powder granulator JG Jackson

Machine code: 141-203

Brand: JG Jackson

Rotary powder granulator.

Brand: JG....
Manesty Rotorgram Granulator
Manesty Rotorgram Granulator

Machine code: 064-475

Brand: Manesty

Manesty Granulator Rotorgram....
Stokes vacuum granulator
Stokes vacuum granulator

Machine code: 825-237

Brand: Stokes

Stokes vacuum granulator.
Rpm: 1750....
Granulator gum
Granulator gum

Machine code: 001-210

Brand: Manesty

Granulator gum.
Brand: Manesty....
Line for the production of plastic profiles
Line for the production of plastic profiles

Machine code: 780-702

Brand: Atlas Copco, Borgmar, Ciola, Filizola, Harlo, Korper, Mecanoplast, Miotto, Oryzon, Peloplas, Reifenhäuser, Sabroe, Sasa, Schulz

Components: WEG

Oryzon chain saw (warehouse).
With gutter length 1850 mm receiver.
1 HP AC Motor 220 volts, 200 mm disc
maximum Cutting 70 mm x 70 mm.
With cutting, timing Note: reprogram clp.

-Handle profile.
2 HP AC motor 220 volts.
80 x 800 mm bel...
Line for herbal pills
Line for herbal pills

Machine code: 351-373

Brand: Erli, Fabbe

Picapau fabre.

Granulator fabre.

Large three-phase greenhouse with 100k cap exhaust.

Small greenhouses.

Rotary packer from 10 to 100 ml.

Erli planetary blender in stainless steel with water bath and if.

Decanter with UV 50 lts hs.
Moditec Mill
Moditec Mill

Machine code: 265-276

Brand: Moditec

* K12k * mill
Moditec Brand French brand
Excellent Model for branches...
Extruder Full Pelletizer
Extruder Full Pelletizer

Machine code: 334-726

Components: ABB, Onron

Extruder Full Pelletizer Seminova

90 mm Machine With frequency inverter ABB 75 horses
Control Panel
Onron brand controllers...
Body Granulator
Body Granulator

Machine code: 271-565

Body # 5/8 Ø Granulator 2800 x 8000 mm.
without motor and without banding....
For plastic extrusion line
For plastic extrusion line

Machine code: 872-848

Brand: Micheletti, Sagec

Components: WEG

Coach: Cousin mill
B500 Weg 30 Engine HP

electric Panel Fabrication: 02/2005
capacity: approx. 1000 kg/h

Ribbon Blender model: MW 02V
: 07/2011
capacity: 400 liters-200 kg
220 volt Motor-04 CV

Silos, Mixers (heated) ...
Flex Granulators
Flex Granulators

Machine code: 286-160

Brand: Flex

2-pellet machine being a on line 1 and the other on line 2 UF 300.
model-1 2010 and 2011.
other Brand-Flex.

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