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Gantry for transporting objects GH
Gantry for transporting objects GH

Machine code: 600-865

Brand: G.H

Gantry for transporting objects.

Capacity: 8 tons, maximum weight loaded 2.5 tons.

With complete manuals.

Manufacturing certificates and NR 12....
Gantry crane for 20 tons
Gantry crane for 20 tons

Machine code: 516-003

Brand: Munk

Gantry crane for 20 tons.

Brand: Munk.

With 10 m opening.

Elevation: 6 m....
Overhead crane
Overhead crane

Machine code: 524-566

Overhead crane.

Capacity: 5 tons.

In working condition.

Upgrades made:

Hoist, headboards and rolling beams for 5 tons. Installed frequency inverter and remote control for operation....
Overhead cranes 5 ton Sistec
Overhead cranes 5 ton Sistec

Machine code: 641-530

Brand: Sistec

Overhead cranes

Brand: Sistec.

Capacity: 5 tons.

They go of 7.0 m.

Length 10 m with path to bearing.

Electric panel.

Lifting height: 4,5 m....
Overhead cranes 15 ton Sansei
Overhead cranes 15 ton Sansei

Machine code: 377-686

Brand: Sansei

Overhead cranes.

Brand: Sansei.

Capacity: 15 tons.

With a span of 15 m.

Double beam.

With over 30 m of beam and trailing path TR 37 rail.

6 more columns.

Two frequency inverters.

Brand Name: Toshiba.

With electric panel.
Overhead cranes Feba
Overhead cranes Feba

Machine code: 020-247

Overhead cranes.

Brand Name: Feba.

With a span of 18,80 m.

With double beam.

Lifting height: 7.50 m and 2 headboards with motor reducer.

Year: 2018.


Two Toshiba frequency inverters....
Overhead cranes 5 ton Qualix
Overhead cranes 5 ton Qualix

Machine code: 308-683

Brand: Qualix

Rolling bridge.

Brand: Qualix.

Capacity: 5 tons.

Year: 2012.

Total height: 5,60 m.

Distance between wheels: 9,0 m.

Process used: Load in the maintenance area of rotating equipment.

Electric motors in 3 axes, 2 speeds controlled b...
Rolling gantry Unger
Rolling gantry Unger

Machine code: 437-617

Brand: Unger

Double girder double girder gantry.

Hoist with 10 ton steel cable.

Going: 13 meters.

Height: 5 meters.

Motorized headboards.

Dismantled equipment....
Portico to 10 tons and 30 metres of track
Portico to 10 tons and 30 metres of track

Machine code: 706-574

Portico to 10 tonnes

nominal capacity: 10 tons.
Main motor power: 20 HP.
height: 7 m.
Portico with motorized movement of translation in x and y.
4 steel cables.
Extension: 30 meters of track.
Electric Panel and longitudinal and transv...
Overhead crane PHB
Overhead crane PHB

Machine code: 072-004

Brand: PHB

Overhead crane.
Brand: PHB.
Capacity: 6.3 Tons.
Dual beam and range from 12 meters....
Overhead cranes of approximately 10 tons
Overhead cranes of approximately 10 tons

Machine code: 308-700

Overhead cranes for 10 ton gantry.
Overhead cranes for 4 tons Rovela
Overhead cranes for 4 tons Rovela

Machine code: 436-457

Brand: Rovela

Overhead cranes for 4 tons

Electric crane for unloading 4 tons (full).
electric discharge Bridge 4 tons, with 16 columns, rail, working perfectly.
load capacity: 4 tons.
Go c/c the Rails: 10000 mm.
wheel Distance: 2000 mm.
electric H...
Overhead cranes for 10 tons crane Demag
Overhead cranes for 10 tons crane Demag

Machine code: 604-031

Brand: Demag

Overhead cranes 10 T.

Brand Name: Demag.

Roller type: double girder.

Rated capacity of 10 T.

DEMAG engines.

Longitudinal movement by frequency inverter.

Transverse movement by frequency inverter.

Drum / pulleys 8 wires x 2 T.

Overhead crane with 13 m
Overhead crane with 13 m

Machine code: 084-832

Overhead crane with 13 mts will hoist with a capacity of 24 mts 10tm with runway  ...

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