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Rotary filling machine Vinox Zegla
Visualizar Vídeo Rotary filling machine Vinox Zegla

Machine code: 635-716

Brand: Vinox, Zegla

Components: Allen-Bradley, Danfoss, DeviceNet, Phoenix Contact, Siemens, Ventisilva, WEG

Rotary refrigerated filling machine.

Brand: Vinox Zegla.

Model: Quadriblock, VX Reet.

Year: 2012.

Cabin equipment, with cooling of the internal filling atmosphere.

With CIP system.

Gravimetric load cell filling with individual nozzl...
Line for packing and boxing Ulma
Visualizar Vídeo Line for packing and boxing Ulma

Machine code: 408-437

Brand: Ulma

Components: ABB, Allen-Bradley, B&R, Becker, Bongfliglioli, Crouzet, Danfoss, Eaton, Guardmaster, Larraioz, Laumas, Lotec, Neugart, Proauto, Schmersal, Schneider, SEW, SEW-Eurodrive, Siemens, Tecnotrans

Line for packing and boxing.

Composed by:

Vertical vertical wrapping machine.

Brand: Ulma.

Model: VTI 460.

With two transverse seals and one longitudinal.

For solid or hard to handle products.

Special for bulk packaging.

Air compressor Schulz
Air compressor Schulz

Machine code: 313-616

Brand: Schulz

Components: Danfoss, WEG

Air compressor.

Brand: Schulz.

Model: SRP 3008 compact.

Literature: 200 L.

Engine: 7.5 hp.



WEG mark.

Accessory Danfoss....
Container and capper bottle dropper and cap Promáquina
Container and capper bottle dropper and cap Promáquina

Machine code: 553-141

Brand: NTG, Promáquina, Starnox

Components: CompAir, Danfoss, Nivetec, WEG

- Complete packaging for pharmaceutical industry.

- Machine built in stainless steel.

- To pack medicine with droppers and cap.

- Complete system for:

- Feed the liquid, with lung tank and agitator to avoid decantation.

- Pump for the ...
Linear filling machine Dmom
Visualizar Vídeo Linear filling machine Dmom

Machine code: 776-087

Brand: Dmom

Components: Danfoss, NE Alimentadores, Siemens, WEG

Linear filling machine cylinder with capper.

Cabin equipment.

Brand: Dmom.

Filling machine can fill gel alcohol.

Average production speed: 3,000 u / h.

With 4 filling nozzles, pumped with vertical piston.

Brand: Dmon.

With lamina...
Industrial conveyor Ulma
Visualizar Vídeo Industrial conveyor Ulma

Machine code: 400-867

Brand: Ulma

Components: Allen-Bradley, Danfoss, Eaton, Guardmaster, Schmersal, SEW, SEW-Eurodrive, Siemens

Industrial conveyor.

Brand: Ulma.


Sew, Sew-Eurodrive.

Danfoss, VLT Micro Drive.


Siemens, Simatic S7 - 1200.



Eaton, 385 VAC....
Cardboard box maker Ulma
Cardboard box maker Ulma

Machine code: 886-638

Brand: Ulma

Components: Danfoss, Eaton, Festo, Proauto, Schmersal, SEW, SEW-Eurodrive, Siemens

Cardboard box automation

Cardboard box forming machine with tape sealing system.

Brand: Ulma.

With system of suction cups to open the boxes of the feeder and system of sealing by tape.


Pistons and pneumatic systems brand Fe...
Stainless steel drying oven Hogner
Visualizar Vídeo Stainless steel drying oven Hogner

Machine code: 768-504

Brand: Hogner

Components: Danfoss, Festo, Phoenix Contact, Saia-Burgess, Schneider, Telemecanique

Pharmaceutical drying oven.

Brand: Hogner.

Model: Dryer 8001 E / SP Anti-explosive.

Year: 2009.

Width: 980 mm.

Height: 1750.

Depth: 1,000 mm.

Volume: 1715 m³.

Voltage: 3 x 220 VAC.

Frequency: 60 hz.

With space for 31 tra...
Wrapping machine Flow Pack Feul Pack
Wrapping machine Flow Pack Feul Pack

Machine code: 085-386

Brand: Feul Pack

Components: Danfoss, Marathon

Flow Pack Wrapping Machine.

Brand Name: Feul Pack.

Model: FP 200.

Production according to manufacturer: up to 240 u / m.

Length 4,05 m.

Mordent: 5 cm.

Distance between talisca: 10 cm.

Height of the machine: 1,54 m....
Industrial boiler J G equipamentos
Industrial boiler J G equipamentos

Machine code: 254-607

Brand: J.G Equipamentos de Vapor

Components: Danfoss, Incoetermic

Industrial steam generator.

Brand: J G equipment.

P.M.T.P: 10.

Kg / cm 2: 150 psi.

Heating surface: 7.15 m².

Steam production: 432 kg / h.

Generator category: B.

Phases: 3.

Voltage: 220V.

Herts: 60.

Amperes: 6.
Vertical Rotary gas furnace with rotary car by geared motor Brasforno
Vertical Rotary gas furnace with rotary car by geared motor Brasforno

Machine code: 385-062

Brand: Brasforno, Icaterm

Components: Brahma, Danfoss, Dungs, Hofomat, Siemens

Vertical Rotary gas furnace with rotary car by geared motor.
Brand Name: Brasforno.
Model: FVR.
Connective heating (up to 300 degrees)
Heating (natural gas or LPG).
Oven dimensions: 1.45 m x 2.10 m x 2.70 m
cart Dimensions: 0.66 m x 0.82 ...
Line for making empanadas
Line for making empanadas

Machine code: 342-871

Brand: Brasforno, Cozil, Haas, Icaterm, Klainox, Tecnomecal

Components: Bitzer, Brahma, Danfoss, Dungs, Hofomat, Siemens

Line for making empanadas.
Brand Name: Tecnomecal.
Composed by:

Forming of empanadas.
Brand Name: Tecnomecal.
Model: ML-300.

Lamination of two seasons.
Brand Name: Tecnomecal.
Model: 600.

Two cylinders of imported mass Argenti...
Complete line for pasteurization Tetra Pak
Complete line for pasteurization Tetra Pak

Machine code: 474-782

Brand: Alfa Laval, Endress Hauser, Netzsch, Tetra Pak

Components: Danfoss

Complete line for pasteurization.

Brand: Tetra Pak.


Type: C - 118.

Capacity: 14,300 liters per hour.

Negative pressure deaeration tank.

Conductivity meter.

Brand: Endress Hauser.

Heat exchanger.

Brand: Alfa Laval...
Industrial chiller 150.000 Kcal Qualiterme
Industrial chiller 150.000 Kcal Qualiterme

Machine code: 177-481

Brand: Qualiterme

Components: Danfoss

Industrial chiller.

Brand: Qualiterme.

Model: E 150.

Cooling tower.


Cooling circuits.

Nominal capacity: 150,000 KCAL / H at 10 ° C working.

Effective capacity 180,000 KCAL / H at 10 ° C working.

Voltage: 220 V three-phase...
Labeling machine Rotterm
Labeling machine Rotterm

Machine code: 412-176

Brand: Rotterm

Components: Bonfiglioli, Danfoss, Sick, STM, Tecnotron, Voges

Heat-shrinkable label applicator.
Brand Name: Rotterm.
Model: M-1.
300 ml bottle format.
Application of up to 44 per minute.
Application speed: 2000 to 2800 bottles per hroa.
Diameter: As 300 ml bottle
height: 300 ml. bottle
coil Diam...
Packaging closure system, line bending brace manufacturing
Packaging closure system, line bending brace manufacturing

Machine code: 262-173

Components: Danfoss, WEG

Packaging closure system, line bending brace manufacturing.
consisting of:
-60 mm Extruder/electrical panel.
-20 engine HP.
-Head with 2 straps.
-Filter type
-Carthusian. cooling Bath.
-pump and heat exchanger.
slow estiro-...
Frequency inverters Danfoss manufacturing new
Frequency inverters Danfoss manufacturing new

Machine code: 642-654

Components: Danfoss

Frequency inverters.
61 the 380-500 V with graphical display.
Manufacture of Danfoss.
Power 40 HP (30 Kw).
FC302PK30 LIGHT Model....
Chocolate ball refiner
Chocolate ball refiner

Machine code: 800-702

Components: Danfoss

Refiner of balls for chocolate.

Capacity for 100 kg per day, with speed and temperature control.

Ideal for small chocolate production and also for the laboratory.

With Danfoss frequency inverter....

Machine code: 243-707

Brand: Alfa Laval, KHS, Spirax Sarco

Components: Danfoss


INDIRECT EXCHANGE (ammonia heat exchange with the
solution, ethanol water; heat exchange solution with the drink). This equipment allows the CIP the
hot in the changing room next to the drink. is a KHS EQ...

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